If you are looking for commercial property

We ensure that the best properties are availiable to all registered users

Why should large equity companies, financial institutions and corporations have first pick of the best properties available?

We believe they shouldn’t and we have fought tooth and nail to ensure the best properties end up on buyrentcommercial.com and are available to all of our registered users.

However, just finding the best property does not mean you will get the best terms of the deal as real estate agents act on behalf of the seller and can use different kinds of tactics to sell you the deal that is most beneficial for them to sell or let.

Especially, as when dealing with commercial property you need to know how to deal with Licensing, FRI leases, Ability to assign lease, Signage, Market rates, Break clauses, Deposits, Rent free months, VAT, Sub Sale, Planning permission, Repair responsibilities, Negotiations of price / rent, and many other risks and responsibilities (the list is huge) that can apply to each individual tenant or buyer when dealing with a specific property.

So, we have also armed our clients – our professionals in commercial real estate will represent your interests to obtain the right property for your needs and will work to negotiate the best terms of the deal on your behalf.

Our company vision is to enable our clients ‘to build their own commercial property empire’ be it through renting business premises or building your property portfolio – our goal is to bring you the best premises and achieve the best terms of the deal.

We will guide you through the process of purchasing the desired commercial property

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Our fees

£1,000 + VAT Processing deposit when the offer and offer terms have been accepted by the landlord

This deposit is deducted from our final fee at completion and refunded if the landlord backs out

The remainder of our fee (minus processing deposit) is due upon completion and is as follows:

2% from the price of purchase

10% from the rent of one full year

5% from a premium (when applicable)